Why Python?

Python is one of the fastest rising programming languages right now, but why?

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You’ve probably heard that Python is one of the fastest-growing programming languages in recent years. It’s even been proven. Take a look at this article by for example:

So, Python is becoming more popular and more widely used, but why? What advantages does Python have over other programming languages?

1. Python is easy to understand.

If someone who had never learned anything about Python was shown the following program, they would most likely have a good — but basic — understanding of what it does.

Code by author

It simply sets the variable number to equal 3, then checks if the number is 3. If it is, then the console says Number is 3. If the variable doesn’t equal 3, then the console says Number is not 3.

2. Python has large — and growing — communities.

If you ever need help with Python, there are many places where you can get help. Since Python is growing, so are its users.

For example, there are many different Python-related articles on Better Programming alone, such as this one by :

When you have a large community of people who are passionate about Python, you can easily get help with using Python.

3. It’s easy to use or create third-party modules for Python.

It’s not hard at all to make a third-party addition to Python that others can use. You can see this article for a brief tutorial:

It’s really easy to publish some Python code so others can use it, meaning lots of people have done it. There are many modules that people have made for others to use, growing the possibilities of what can be done with Python.

It’s also really simple to use someone else’s code. All you need to do is run one short command.

Now that you know 3 reasons why Python is a great programming language, you might want to download it, which you can do on the Python website:

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