6 Proven Ways to Prevent Mosquito Bites

Mosquito bites are incredibly annoying. Here are six proven ways to prevent — or at least reduce — mosquito bites.

I think everyone reading this can agree that mosquito bites are the worst. They itch, and if you scratch one, you get to keep it for an extra week. So, here are a few proven ways to prevent mosquito bites from showing up in the first place.

1. Use bug spray.

It may seem really simple, but it works really well. It is scientifically proven that bug spray containing DEET repels mosquitoes, as well as many other bugs.

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Credit: Chad Madden

2. Wear long, tightly-woven clothing.

If you wear long clothing, not only may you be more comfortable, but you are eliminating places for mosquitoes to bite. They can’t bite you if they can’t get to your skin in the first place. Sometimes, rain jackets/pants work well to prevent mosquito bites, as these have very tightly-woven fabrics. Other synthetic fibers — including lots of athletic apparel — also have tightly-woven fabrics.

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Credit: Katarzyna Kos

3. Go somewhere with a breeze.

If there’s any breeze at all — usually anything over 1 MPH — it is very difficult for mosquitoes to fly.

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Credit: John Towner

4. Avoid peak mosquito hours.

Most creatures prefer meals at certain times of the day, and mosquitoes are no different. Mosquitoes tend to crave meals around dusk and dawn. This is because the wind goes away for a little while during these times, allowing mosquitoes to fly easier. So, try to stay inside during these times.

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Credit: Alberto Restifo

5. Try to stay cool.

This is easier said than done sometimes, but mosquitoes are often attracted by pheromones in your sweat. So, drink lots of water, stay cool, and try to avoid sweating a lot.

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Credit: Jair Lázaro

6. Keep your heart rate down.

CO₂ is the main thing mosquitoes search for when finding humans. When your heart rate is higher, you produce more CO₂, making mosquitoes more attracted to you.

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